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 I found an interesting article on David Warlick about how integrating helps students in all subject areas through the use of technology of course.  There are many uses to technology and I just wish I had teachers that were engaged in technology and teaching when I was in school.  Wouldn’t that be awesome if we all had that opportunity in our schools, in northern Saskatchewan?  Through the use of technology and teachers collaborating and teaching the same theme must make it easy for students to understand and comprehend ideas.  That is so cool!

David Warlick 

I have browsed through many educational bloggers and David and I have some similarities as to our education philosophy.  Why didn’t I go down the list instead of looking at the “Top 100 Educational Blogs”?  Why did David Warlicks blog interest me?  I can relate to how ambitious he has become and how effective it has become to be creative and explore ways to make learning fun and meaningful.  He has captured students to embrace learning through technology.  He laid out a strong foundation that I believe as an educator….David says…

 “..And there should be more training.  But training alone is not the answer, nor should it be.  Retooling our classrooms into rich and dynamic learning environments will not be something that you can learn how to do in a workshop.  It’s something that will happen through continued creativity, conversations, sharing, experimenting, reporting, and more conversations”.

As teachers we must search, seek and find ways to incorporate different teaching styles and to make use of audio visual and digital tools.  These tools are necessary in this generation and we must first learn how to use them effectively and build on to that strength as we instill the learning to our students. 

I like the way David puts this,  “I had some outstanding teachers, who loved their work, and who were magnificent lenses for us on the world that we lived in. I decided early on, that this was what I wanted to do.”  I was fortunate enough to have those teachers portray my life.  The teachers who were passionate about their job, love it and made learning fun for me.  Those are the teachers who spend many hours planning, organizing and in spite of making mistakes and being miserable at times, the teachers still had pride in me.    

 Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am really enjoying David Warlicks blog.  He’s truly an intelligent man and what he says, makes sense.  He kinda reminds me of my late father.  He would expain well enough and give examples to make us understand and David is that man.  His stories are quite interesting and what I love about his blog too, is that I can listen to the audio instead of reading it.  I believe its from  Now I’m thinking, how useful this tool can be for students that have a difficult time learning how to read.  All they can do is put on thier headphones and listen.  It’s amazing. 

Warlicks stories makes a lot of sense.  In “A Very Cool Story”  he speaks about the daughter of a libarian of how she got so many helpful hints and ideas when she pose a quesion on Facebook.  The responses she got was enormous.  This would simply help her out of what would work best for her.  Its similar to the ten year old girl who made her own blog specifically for herself and the responses she got was outrageous.  I am registered with Facebook, but haven’t been really active in it.  I will have to explore more, before I can the hang of it.  Many people are connecting more and more, with each other and the communication is very useful for many.  People are helping each other and give support.  I was at a FSIN Youth Suicide Prevention in Saskatoon last week and at one session a young lady who presented the alcohol and drug awareness workshop communicates largely with friends on facebook.  She told the audience that she is registered with Facebook and anyone wishing to sign her in could ask her questions.  I thought that was so cool for the young people who were there.  Sometimes its very hard to ask questions in front of the audience and they can do so by just adding her to the Facebook.  By the way, the presentation was awesome.  I’m sure everyone who attended her session would say the same thing.  What are some of your thoughts about Facebook?


As I read on, I came across a statement that made me wander about the future.  I wonder how it would be like in the future if what Ray Kurzweils says is true.  He said, “the law of accelerating return means technology eventually will be a million more times powerful than it is today and cause profound transformation”.   A MILLION TIMES MORE THAN WHAT IT IS TODAY!  O my gosh what does this mean???  More and more things will become digital, more and more things will become high tech.  I thought we are there and that we have reach that point, but Ray K. doesn’t think so.  What will this look like?      


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