What is curriculum?

Curriculum is a compact guide that helps teachers develop a year plan about what should be taught in each subject area that is laid out by Sask Learning.


Curriculum is a way of trasferring knowledge to one another.  Curriculum is a fancy word that every teacher must look into upon teaching.  Curriculum is all around us, around our students, in our Elders, in the community and in every individual.  Its hard to distinguish and to put a meaning into curriculum.  Yes, its a guide that educators use to help them set objectives and to teach the “basics of life” beyond civilization.   

 How has technology or the “tectonic age” change my lifestyle?  I know for a fact it’s very different from being a young girl in elementary.  We had no computers or anything of that sort.  I remember using a manual machine to photocopy papers using blackline paper.  It’s so old school.  It’s been many years since than, and the non stop supply of digital tools that are currently used is phenomenal.  I certainly cannot keep up with them and as I slowly discover how they work, I’m thrilled.  The whiteboards is just one thing I’m fascinated about, yet I’m trying to teach myself how to use it.  I’ve heard so many good things about it and discovered students enrichment in learning. 






































































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